I am changing the focus of my article. I am going to begin discussing worship and what the different parts mean.

The Lutheran Church is justly proud of its liturgical heritage. Its historic liturgy is a channel of spiritual communication between God and the worshiper, an interplay between God's approach through Word and Sacrament and the worshiper's response through prayer, praise, and song. The Lutheran liturgy is dignified and reverent, coherent and ob-jective, Scripture-rooted and Christ-centered.

It follows, therefore, that Lutheran worshipers should both understand and appreciate the liturgy of their church. Only in this way will they be able to participate meaningfully in the public worship and derive real benefit from such worship.

In the up-coming weeks we will be studying our worship which in many ways is a study of God's word. We will also be learning about God's house and the different parts of the sanctuary. We will discuss what the pastor does during the church service and why he does it. We will also learn about Christian symbols as they are used to enrich worship.

Ken Sanders
Minister of Music