Worshiping through the order of Holy Communion

The main service is "Holy Communion." We celebrate Holy Communion twice a month and on special days like Christmas and Easter. Once a month we use the order of morning wor-ship. Also, once a month, we use the Matins Service.

The opening hymn is called the "Hymn of Invocation" and many times follows the theme of the day. This hymn may be a prayer to the Holy Spirit, a hymn of praise, a seasonal or a gen-eral hymn.

The spoken invocation, "In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spir-it," shows our faith in Him by beginning our worship in His name.
The next part of the service is the "Preparation" and consists of: the Exhortation, which is an invitation to enter God's presence; the Versicles, which are short words of the Bible calling us to worship; the General Confession, in which we plead guilty to all our sins, admit our un-worthiness, and ask for forgiveness; the Absolution, in which the pastor pronounces forgiveness of our sins, obtained for all through Christ.

Then we move into the part of the service named "Office of the Word," which consists of: the Psalmody - the Introit, Kyrie, and Gloria in Excelsis; the Word - Salutation, Collect, Epistle, Gradual, Seasonal sentences, Gospel, Creed, and Sermon; the Offerings - Offertory and Pray-er.
This is the beginning of the communion service. Next month, I will explain (define) what some of the words, mentioned above, mean.

Ken Sanders
Minister of Music