We are now in the church season of Lent. Our Lenten journey began with Ash Wednesday. The tone of the Ash Wednesday service is more of a penitential one. We reflect on our own sins that our Lord and Savior suffered for. In the service, we received ashes on our foreheads as part of our sorrow. The Old Testament people would dress in sackcloth and pour ashes on their heads to show that they were in deep sorrow. The music that we sing and the music that the organ plays is reflective of this sorrow. The rest of the mid- week Lenten services will be held in the Bible study room.

The season of Lent does not include the Sunday services. They remain more joyful as a reminder of the first Easter. They are often referred to as Mini Easters.
The Sunday before Holy Week is called “Palm Sunday” or “Sunday of the Passion". This year the passion reading will be from the gospel of Mark.
Maundy Thursday service will also be in the Bible study / kitchenette rooms as we are participating in the Seder meal, which is sometimes referred to as the Passover.

The Good Friday evening service will be a choral Tenebrae. The choir will help in remembering the last words of our Lord from the cross.

All of these Lenten services help us to reflect on the greatest sacrifice made for us that has given us salvation and forgiveness of our transgressions. Easter becomes a much sweeter celebration after "traveling" through the season of Lent.

Ken Sanders
Minister of Music

THE ADULT CHOIR: Sharon Hennig, Karen Hildebrand, Lois Hollinger,
Lois Stambaugh, Dave Stambaugh, Wally Smith