Prayer List


Ruthetta Fogle
Christians - especially in the Middle East - Persecuted
Prayer Warriors - Spirit is moving
Becky Lupp-illness
Angie Linebaugh-Illness
George Anthony
Bob Visthum
Barbara Brickner-Heart Condition
Ed Abendschoen
Gladys - Stroke (Delores Rehmeyer's sister)
Dawn Frey
Deborah McMillan
Robin Ocasio
Josepth Roth-Cancer
Patricia Kesselring
Thomas Rojahn
Edward (Nancy Hildebrand's brother)
Eddie Rivera
Susan Null-Cancer
Jake Mokris-Israel
Don Daugherty-Failing liver and kidneys
Duane Hannigan
Faith Bentz
Helen Wu-Husband in Nursing Home
Anne Warner
Susan Peregoy
Doug Skinner-Heart
Paul and Cathy Weaver
Carol Clark
Bob Fitz-Liver Failure
Keith Fogle-Cancer
Charles Rausher
James Driskell II-Pulmonary Embolism
Kimberly Thompson

Wife, Ida Rae Lauer-Olinger, and family of Brian Olinger who went to be with the Lord
Wayne and Nancy Hildebrand
Jerry Allison
Beth Smith
The people of CHarlottesville-for healing
The people of the states of Texas and Florida, also Puerto Rico and the Carribean countries who suffered from the effects of the Recent Hurricanes


Our Community Radio Station
For 140 years
For all of God’s gifts
Doreen Beckman
Wally Smith
Friar Thomas Uzhummalil-Released by terrorists

For all those who do not know Jesus as Lord
For our “action” committees/task forces
Our Community and Families

Joyce Devan
Bonnie Abendschoen
Ruth Hermann
Bill Hildebrand
Betty Smith
Bill Whitekettle
Gloria Whitekettle

Church Pastor, Minister of Music Ken Sanders, Lay Leaders
Pastor Cosgrove, Pastor Nzinski, Pastor Zimmerman, Pastor Reichel
Pastor Brasso, Pastor Koontz, Pastor Gene Merrell, Pastor Banach,
Pastor Robertson, Pator Schaefer

Charlie Malley U. S. Navy Chaplain
Jose Montalvo U.S.A.F. - Alaska
Blake McKinney U.S.C.G.
Clay McKinney U.S.C.G.
Sean Cooke U. S. Navy Seal
Brent Kroh U.S.M.C.
Jake Scott U. S. Army
Justin Hinkley U.S.M.C.
Ashlee DeSantis U. S. Army
Samuel Taylor U. S. Army
Kevin Kuhn U.S.C.G.
Lindsay Wood U.S.A.F.
Jonathan Driskell Massachusetts State Police
Dakota Kaufman  US Army Kuwait
Matthew Holland  US Army
Chuck Barrows  US Army
Megan Messersmith    USAF
Krista McKenzie    USAF
Jonathan Cosgrove  USMC
James Bova     US Navy